What is Misfit Tunes?

The home of Indie Music, Misfit Tunes, is an organization dedicated to publicizing Domestic as well as International Indie and/or little known artists from all genres of music to the awaiting masses. We use several vehicles to publicize Indie Music, such as:

***Misfit Tunes The Magazine ISSN: 2375-2432 launched July 2015  is dedicated to introducing new Indie artists and their music to the masses. MTTM also includes featured articles, healthy tips, best practices and more. Misfit Tunes The Magazine seeks to be artists favorite publication to be featured, favorite resource tool, as well as fans favorite source for new Indie Music.


***Misfit Tunes The Blog started April 2011 receives thousands of views daily from all around the country. We also boast international visitors from places like Canada, the UK, Ireland, and Japan, to name a few. We update the blog daily with new music and videos. We also have posts on sports, fashion, online entertainment, and technology. All of our posts cover innovators in their respective industries. We also have {Save The Date} posts which highlights artists’ events, as well as charity events that we receive notice about via email. We are currently working on adding value to the blog through artist interviews, full feature articles, and other special treats.


***Misfit Tunes TV started April 2011 delivers an impressive array of video / visual jewels. MTTV houses video recorded artists interviews as well as behind the scenes footage.


***Misfit Tunes Radio started 2011 is the home of The Misfit Corner. The Misfit Corner is a podcast hosted by I'm Just Ki  which consists of commentary, interviews, and music.


These are Misfit Tunes primary vehicles to promote the artists music. We currently offer these services at absolutely no cost. Yes, I said FREE!

~misfit movement let's make it count!!!