I'm Good by Visto

After the current presidential election caused a tidal wave of uncertainty and unrest in the United States, the Head of the Hippy Life Krew went into the studio to let his supporters know he's good with his latest single, "I'm Good," produced by The Democratz.

He sings "I'm good on my own. I don't do no politricking. Fuck the government. I'm good on my own they ain't come up in my home, they ain't fix the shit that's wrong, I'm good on my own."

Admittedly not one for politics and its bullshit, Visto acknowledged the government would not be rushing to come to his home or his hood to fix a damn thing, so much won't change for him.

Like many, Visto understands and embraces that if things are to improve for him and his hippy brethren, it will be up to him to implement the much needed change to create the necessary improvements.

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Written by Im Just Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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