Ki's 2¢ents on "Deeper Than Plenty Higher Than Most" by Laelo

Laelo had been toiling away in the lab for some time to give us the classic album, Deeper Than

Plenty Higher Than Most. This album is the life raft needed to save the hip hop aficionados from the raging sea of cloned noise. DTPHTM proves that real lyricism still exists.

The album was produced by emcee turned producer, Hec Dolo. Having one producer for the entire album allows you to get to know the energy that fueled the creative process. The album features several DMV artists, who are amazing talents in their own rights, highlighted by Carolyn Malachi. The Grammy nominated Malachi can be heard on the lead single "City Life."


It was an arduous task selecting standout tracks on a classic such as this, so I wont. I will, however, share a few of my favorites which I must admit change with every listen. My favorites change because with each listen I hear something new. Dolo did a masterful job on production, so blame him for my revolving favorites.

A couple of my favorite tracks are “Mama’s New Man” and “Ups & Downs.” “Mama’s New Man” is a song from a young boys point of view of growing up in the hood watching mama struggling to find love. Disguised as just a summer banger the song speaks to the terminal cycle of the dope game and the hold it has on its players. “Ups & Downs” features the soulful vocals of Renaaz Peoples and is a song that illustrates the times. Laelo uses his words as paint brushes to paint a vivid portrait of the current pulse of society.

Laelo once again elevated the bar forcing emcees to stop hiding behind an over processed beat. Deeper Than Plenty Higher Than Most is a must have album of 2015. The arrangement, features, and production come together making DTPHTM a classic album sure to withstand the ever changing trends.

Support Laelo download "Deeper Than Plenty Higher Than Most" If you haven't already, make sure to follow him on Instagram @Laelosmokesgood & Twitter @Laelo202

Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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