Ki's 2¢ents on "Outta Sight Outta Mind" by BJay Banks

Outta Sight Outta Mind is the latest mixtape offering from Washington, DC rapper B-Jay Banks. The mixtape displays all facets of the talented Mr. Banks, from his undeniable flow to his calculated production. The mixtape is masterfully arranged. Built of thirteen solid tracks the mixtape from start to finish takes the listener on a ride not soon to be forgotten.

The mixtape paints the picture of a young man forced to grow up fast and become the man of the house. It tells of ​the young man acquiring his first gun, becoming a stick up boy then graduating to whipping up packages in the kitchen. “Outta Sight Outta Mind” also warns of supporting and believing fake rappers who rap about life on the block, yet have never stepped foot on the block. It also tells of the young man finding true love.

The opening track, ‘NKODB,’ produced By B-Jay Banks, starts as most cats in the hood day starts off; with their girl going off about money then goes into telling of a young dude coming to age in the trap.

The coming of age story continues with ‘Survive,’ produced By AM JayEm, tells of the daily struggle in the hood to make it. The tracks lyrics “It’s crazy what a young nigga will do for survival.” and “We just trying to survive” speak to anyone out here just trying to reach a goal while overcoming countless obstacles.

Cloaked in a metaphor of whipping up a batch of crack ‘Let Me Whip,’ produced By Rel Live Beatz, speaks to rappers daily struggle to avoid the trap and stay true to the rap game.

The worst thing one can be is fake and lying to their fans about the life they are living. ‘Tell No Lie’ featuring Freddie P. is produced By Beat Zombies and speaks to the disdain B-Jay has for those faking like they’re bout that block life.

The money, the drugs, and the women that these fools worship on their albums ain’t ‘Nothin’ New,’ produced By Young Clip & Don Gotti.

This mixtape is definitely buzzworthy from start to finish each track gives you a birds-eye view into the life of not just B-Jay Banks, but anyone going through the struggle trying to make it by any means necessary while staying out of the system. “Outta Sight Outta Mind” gets: 3 out 5 flames

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Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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