Ki's 2 ¢ents on "Dirty Dabbin" by Jus Paul

"Dirty Dabbin" is 13 tracks of sexy, smooth, and outrageous lyrics from your favorite OYfriend, Jus Paul. The resident crooner of OY Boyz Records separates himself from the pack with this one. He's certain to have you hooked and dirty dabbin after you sip from this double cup.

Released February 22, 2016 at Spinrilla, this mixtape is hosted by one of the DMV's hottest DJs, DJ 837. It features fellow OY Boyz Records artists Cerdafied and Nooch plus a few other heavy hitters on the Indie grind such as Bam Bizzle, ComeupShawdy, HoliRocket, and Tino Loud. Production is provided by several of the best up-and-coming producers out of the District ofColumbia like, 1080Beats, Dj Miklo, JusJoshMusic, Q Hill Beats, and The Directors Music.

Off gate, "Dirty Dabbin" grabs your attention and holds it hostage. In just 30 seconds, the intro quickly lets you know that Jus Paul has a savage, wild ride in store for you. A ride that has him hijacking and

remixing R&B mainstream hits currently flooding radios across the country from artists such as Jeremih {Planes}, Justin Bieber {Where Are You Know}, Post Malone {White Iverson}, Tory Lanez {Say It},

and Travis Scott,{Antidote}. Let me warn you, if you love these or hate them, after hearing Jus Paul's remix I am pretty certain you won't hear the original the same. After the vicious hijacking, Jus Paul calms your nerves with the melodic sedatives "Invisible" and "If I Should Die."

"Invisible," produced by The Directors Music, is a song about a one-sided relationship whose lyrics "I am way too easy for you to ignore" will be embraced by those who have felt neglected in a relationship.

"If I Should Die," produced by Q Hill Beats, is a track about a sinner getting his life together in his final hours "If I should die before I wake I'll go to heaven. I was a sinner but I gave a lot of love."

Right when your nerves calm down, he throws it into high gear and starts "Trippin" bout how "Severely" the "Pull Up" has folks "#DoItForABigBankRoll."

"Trippin," produced by Q Hill Beats and featuring ComeupShawdy, is an upbeat track sure to turn the club up. Jus Paul ain't here for basic broads, his life is way to complicated to worry them leaving him; "My old bitch trippin. She going to be mad when she see my new bitch."

"Severely" is produced by JusJoshMusic. It's a warning track, "I'm way too honest. I have no chill. Sometimes I'm terrible, I'm way too real," that doubles as a side dudes anthem for hunting for pussy poppin severely.

"Pull Up," produced by DJ Miklo, is a party starter broadcasting how his girl and her friends pull up and set it off. "My boo drives a Benz she pull up with her friends....Pull up to the right your body on fleek. Pull up on the left and be my lil freak."


"#DoItForABigBankRoll," the summer anthem produced by 1080Beats, features Nooch and will have radio and clubs in the DMV

poppin. "You want this money jump on want it come get it... bet you going to push it to the limit. Do it for a big bankroll."

After the savage ride of "Dirty Dabbin" with Jus Paul, you'll be hooked on his seductive ratchetness and waiting on his next project like a junkie for their next fix. He proves his vocal abilities can stand up with any of those mainstream R&B dudes flooding the radio, while carving his own lane in the game. "Dirty Dabbin" is arguably one of the best projects out of the District of Columbia this year! I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! I am eagerly awaiting the ridiculous visuals I hope will accompany the mixtape. Jus Paul put together a solid project which I give 4 out of 5 flames.

Support Jus Paul download and share “Dirty Dabbin” then watch "#DoItForABigBankroll." If you haven't already, make sure to follow him on Instagram @JusPaul & Twitter @JusPaul202

Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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