Ki's 2¢ents on "JADED" by Skillz

UPDATE:: Out NOW Download "Jaded" here.

Having had the privilege of an advanced listen to the upcoming project from Skillz titled "Jaded" I'm both elated and disappointed. Elated because after a nearly four year hiatus we are finally being gifted with new music from Skillz, the guy who went from "Mr. Nobody" to "Mr. Somebody" in 2011. I'm disappointed due to the fact this is intended to be his final project. Just between us, I'm hoping he's playing the "I'm retiring" card to rev up buzz for a​n album to be released at a later date. You know how artists these days retire only to drop another project three months later.


If "Jaded" really is to be his final project, Skillz is shedding pounds of dead weight to assure he's not drowned by false allies. "Dead weight niggas I swore those bammas would drown me." Clearly Skillz is not playing with his words. Instead, he's speaking openly on subjects we all can relate to in some way. Subjects like having your friends turn to enemies, people doubting your abilities, or people questioning your loyalty.

"Jaded" boasts a modest three features; Poetic Rockstar, Chris Ray, and Adrian Lance all of which serve as the perfect accessory.

Poetic Rockstar asks the question "what you going to do when your life's off track" on the song titled "Work Out" then "with a bow tie and a chain on" he "right hooks his deepest fears" on the title track "Jaded."

Chris Ray lends his smooth vocals on two tracks. The upbeat "Who Better Than Us" is sure to get the crowd moving. "Down For You," a song dedicated to family and love, Chris proclaims "There's a million and one reasons why I won't walk away."

Adrian Lance's soulful, velvety voice can be heard on the lead single "Promises" on which he "promises to stay real." Listen to "Promises" here.

Not one song should be skipped, largely because the arrangement paints such a vivid picture of love, betrayal, pride, ego, lust and much more. There is a need for big instruments: drums, horns and strings to give "Jaded" the epic movie score sound that I feel it is striving to be. Skillz spits bars of hard times "from the bottom, sick of this view" to bars that hint at retiring "I love this shit but this shit here cost me a lot. All I am looking for is peace these days."

Many listeners will personally identify with "Jaded" because they have lived through the backstabbing, the lies, the leeches etc. Those listeners will appreciate and applaud Skillz' realness. For him to pour out his frustration and pain for all to receive, and possibly criticize, in a time when having feelings and expressing those feelings makes you weak or lame is a major risk. One he is thankful he took.

"Jaded" is projected to be released between late October 2015 / early November 2015. This EP is a real look into the mind of that guy who went from Mr. Nobody to Mr. Somebody and his fighting to hold on, making it truly BUZZWORTHY.

I give it a score of 3.5 out of 5 and strongly encourage you to download "Jaded."

Support Skillz download and share “Jaded” then watch "IDFWTN." If you haven't already, make sure to follow him on Instagram @Skillz301 & Twitter @E_Skillz

Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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