​​​​​​​​Ki's 2¢ents on The One Love Massive Stage at Broccoli City

It went down in the DMV on Saturday April 30, 2016 when Broccoli City rolled into SouthEast for their annual music festival. Unlike any other festival, Broccoli City uses its platform to activate urban millennials on healthy eating and environmental sustainability. Attendees are treated to live art installations, delicacies provided by a number of food trucks, pop-up market featuring local vendors, and groundbreaking performances from mainstream music artists. This year's performers were Anderson.Paak, BJ The Chicago Kid, Jhene Aiko, The Internet, Sango, and headliner Future. All artists I was excited to hear would be gracing the stage. I mean who wouldn’t be excited?! That is one hell of a line up of diverse talent. Yet I must admit, the second stage presented by One Love Massive held me captive. Maybe it was all the local talent that set fire to the stage.

The One Love Massive stage was “DC as Fuck.” When folks speak about it, they got to put some respek on it (Birdman voice). The legendary Go-Go Band Rare Essence took the Stage to chants of R-E, R-R-E. The energy was electric and the crowd vibrated with excitement to see their hometown celebrities take the stage and find their place behind their instruments. The band, led by founding member Andre "Whiteboy" Johnson with Shorty Corleone providing lead vocals, performed many crowd favorites like “Lock It,” “Overnight Scenario,” “You Not Ready,” and “Work The Walls,” as well as their take on Rihanna's “Work” which KeKe owned. She made it hers and the crowd loved it. Killa Cal took ownership of the O.T. Genasis featuring Young Dolph "Cut It," which I honestly preferred. I am also a proud native of Southeast DC, so I may be biased, nonetheless he rocked that joint. RE turned the festival into an all out Go-Go to the delight of natives and was also greatly appreciated by those not from the area. I found myself having a nostalgic moment taking me back to my high school days when I would go see the band every, yes every, Wednesday at the Eastside night club in Southwest which is now parking for Nats stadium. The crowd demanded, okay maybe more like begged, for an encore which the band was kind enough to oblige causing the crowd to erupt.

Rare Essence shared the stage with amazing up-and-coming talents such as Atlanta native Archy McFly, who performed a few songs from his debut EP, “Broken Home.” The tatted up rapper who has an easy, almost singer like flow shared scriptures of what he’s been through which captivated the crowd. I was so intrigued by the flyness that is Archy McFly that the next day I found his EP on SoundCloud. It's a solid project which led me to add it to my iTunes library. Listen to "Broken Home" here.

North Carolina Rap duo, Wreck-N-Crew made their way North to bless the One Love Massive stage. Montrice “Trie Cartier” Goodwin and Brandon “Fresh” Sutton aka Black Poseidon, put it down with pure lyricism delivered acapella. The impressive display left me wanting to know more about the duo which lead me to their website www.wreckncrewnc.com. Make sure you visit to get familiar with the duo.

Virginia native by way of New York City producer and rapper, Bunx Dadda, introduced the crowd to his Nu Vibes Sound. Performing new unreleased music, as well as a few of the tracks he produced for the likes of Goldlink, Bia, Kali Uchis, and Chris Brown to name a few. He would use the phrase “pull up” to cue his DJ to move on to the next song, often leaving me wanting more of the song which ended prematurely even though the next song was equally as good. By the end of his set I loathed the phrase as it became a tease. To hear the VIBE GURU™ in his full glory click here.

Hailing from Washington, DC, Nag Champa Art Ensemble is what you would imagine burning nag champa incense on a lazy day vibing in your zone would sound like if it had a sound. The ensemble includes Black King Soul (vocals), Jamal Gray (production/electronics/creative director), Allen Jones (drums), Elijah Easton (sax), and Jamel Zuniga aka SexxGod ( lead guitar). The band ignited the crowd with their positive love vibe. From sound check you knew they were there to take the crowd on a groovy journey beyond the stratosphere. By the end of their set I was a fan! Take a listen to Nag Champa here and become a member of the tribe.

DC’s BORN I MUSIC aka Born Infinite, took the stage alongside Cores DJ, DJ Schemes. Draped in all black and wearing his signature Heyday Footwear with his Nine Bracelets adorning his wrist. He delivered an emotionally charged performance that brought him to his knees. He performed several crowd favorites including my personal favorite “Supreme Mathematics.” Watch the video for “Supreme Mathematics” here.

Breaking up the live music were easily two of my favorite local DJs, Ayes Cold along with her partner in rhyme STEF is DOPE. STEF also filled the role as host and performed his single “Everything Lit." DJ JahSonic turned the festival into a rave and festival goers into dancing machines with his mixes. Also providing an intermission to the action was Trap Karaoke which gave attendees the chance to live out their fantasies of performing in front of a crowd. They were off the hook and so very entertaining! Everyone who braved the stage, no matter how petrified, had a great time as did the crowd. It was great to see so many smiles and hear cheers for the everyday Jane and Joe. Trap Karaoke gave the little guys and gals who sing in front of mirrors, in the car, or in the shower their 60 seconds to shine, and they did just that.

Fresh off of their opening for JadaKiss, DMV Rap duo Dope Village Music comprised of Brain Rapp and Nature Boi, dispensed some of their dope music to a crowd thankful for the fix. They performed a few of my favorites like Nature Boi’s certified street banger “Uhh,” their ode to the back and forth kings JadaKiss and Styles P aptly titled “Jada & Styles,” as well as “Where You Been” from their first collaborative project, “Elevator Music.” Download "Elevator Music" here.

Uptown cherry bomb Pinky KillaCorn came through to spread a little Hippie Life Krew love over the crowd. With the King Hippie Visto and the ladies favorite OYfriend Jus Paul in tow, she delivered an electric performance which included several hits from her most recent project,“KillaCorn 3.5” As always, the crowd went crazy for the vivid entertainer singing along word for word with each song, myself included. Her magnetic personality and beautiful smile, coupled with her dirty whine made it impossible to take your eyes off of her. Download “KillaCorn 3.5” here.

Maryland rapper, Ace Cosgrove and his dope ass band gave a performance that forced me to find him on all social media outlets and follow him before he got off the stage. This young man has whatever that IT is. He commanded the stage and engaged the crowd as if we were homies kickin' it in his crib and vibin' out. He performed songs from his album, “Baby Need Food,” which showcased the influences multiple genres of music has on his laid back emcee. Ace is nothing like you’ve seen or heard before. He has carved a lane tailor made for him, whose terrain is ever changing as he grows and explores more. Throughout his set he kept encouraging the crowd not to vote for Trump in 2016, proving he has political awareness. Ace Cosgrove is certainly one of my favorite emcees at this point, especially after I listened to his album which I strongly encourage you to do as well here.

The bands that performed were amazing! That being said, FootWerk literally rocked the stage. No really. Kyle, the rapper of the band, attacked the stage hopping from one end to the other. The band is a six piece pop outfit and includes Melissa (vocals), Kyle (rapper), Teddi (keys), Eric (percussion), Fern (bass), and Josh (drums). They are described as high energy and intense and definitely lived up to this description. Performing songs such as “Eyes Low,” and power ballad “Chill Switch,” which Melissa belted out, leaving the crowd mesmerized and smitten with the feisty vocalist from their “Casual Encounters” album. They drove the crowd wild. They also brought out Jus Paul who performed “Kiss” as a tribute to the recently departed legend, Prince. I tweeted this after their performance and I will say it again here, find out where this band performs next and go! They're certain to make you a fan. Download their album “Casual Encounters” here. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you like good music.

The show’s headliner Reesa Renee is a rising star on the DMV's indie music scene and whose star lit the night sky. The night had her and her brother PK reuniting to give the crowd that vintage good sound they have grown accustomed to. Girls in leopard leotards hula hooped while Reesa captivated the crowd who stood carefree in the rain. She performed songs from her EP, “Lovers Rock” as well as new music whose release I am eagerly awaiting. She also performed some old favorites like “So Easy,” serenading one lucky attendee in particular. Hear me when I say, this young lady’s talent is undeniable. I assure you, you won’t hear another like her. Her unique sound soothes and invigorates at the same damn time. Her Colgate smile and robust afro makes her recognizable wherever she goes. She is the embodiment of the District of Columbia and I am proud to have her represent my hometown, as I'm sure her career is going to go well beyond her expectations. Her talent will take her places and allow her to introduce the world to our proud hometown. Reesa Renee landed on my radar in 2011 on a Pro’verb track and I have been a devoted fan ever since. Do yourself a favor and download Lover’s Rock, then share it with your friends and family and I'm sure they’ll thank you! No need to thank me. Just support her! Even if you are not from the DMV, I guarantee you will appreciate the musical gift that is Reesa Renee. Download "Lovers Rock" here.

Broccoli City has always delivered groundbreaking performances from major mainstream acts, yet I have to admit it was the One Love Massive stage that made it memorable for me. I am proud of the talent that represented the DMV. The diverse lineup of amazing talent shows the District of Columbia is a force to be reckoned with. These artists will find their way into your hearts and speakers. Trust me, they all have what it takes. It is how they are built, “DC AS FUCK.”

See more photos courtesy of LuvlyKey Photography here.

Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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