Ki's 2 ¢ents on "SPRNTRL" by Nature Boi

Merriam Webster defines the word supernatural simply as “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature.” With the definition firmly in hand, one will now understand the audacity of Nature Boi to name his album “SPRNTRL” {pronounced supernatural}. “SPRNTRL,” a lyrical gem of killer production and witty wordplay and further proves Nature Boi to truly be in a league all his own (as if he needs more proof!). I mean, just this year alone he has opened for major recording artists like Jadakiss and Curren$y, pedaled his Dope Music Village ear candy on huge stages throughout the DMV at festivals such as The 420 Massive Love Block Party and Broccoli City Festival, as well as garnered media coverage from major internet outlets Noisey and Okayplayer.

The Dope Music Village dweller, best known for lurking behind the scenes and producing countless Indie hits, steps from behind the curtain to deliver his first self produced project. "SPRNTRL" is a 10-track punch to the mouth of all those screaming about how good rap music doesn’t exist and/or lyricism and production can’t be found on the same album.

“SPRNTRL” will be available June 7, 2016 on all online stores for download, but was released May 31, 2016 on SoundCloud strictly for streaming. The album features DMV artists Brain Rapp, Ezko, Jake Sinatra, Jon Doe, Patrick “4tae” Harris, and Vito Cash.

“New Niggas” is an introduction, well more like a blaring declaration, of the fact that Nature Boi along with his co-horts are next up. Nature Boi takes aim with this one, bussin off shots “killing new niggas with old bars.”

“UHH,” is a screwface kinda track. When that beat drops if your face don’t get that stank screw face check your hearing because this one GOES HARD AS FUCK! This is certain to be the stuntin’ anthem for the summer.

“Somebody (Vibin),” has Nature Boi showing his sensitive side, singing to somebody else’s chick. Yes, this is the ultimate side dude soundtrack. “We be vibin even tho she got somebody…. girl I don’t mind I just want to spend some time…. I know you ain’t mine I just wanna spend some time.” This is that song you put on when you just kickin’ it, sip’n, smokin, and vibin out.

"Jada + Styles," is a homage to Jadakiss & Styles P on which Nature Boi and Brain Rapp masterfully goes back and forth to tell a tale of their passion filled drive to the top. The pair go back on forth on a jazz infused instrumental peppered with live saxophone, cello, and scratching.

Nature Boi showcased his full range of talent on this album. From lyricism to production, he showed off. I won’t list every track although I could honestly list every song as a favorite because each track has its own unique feel and sound and is definitely a must hear. He makes references that had me reminiscing about those carefree days playing Sonic after class with the homies and parties rockin out to Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. What I will do is STRONGLY encourage you to witness Nature Boi’s “SPRNTRL” display of talent. He sets the bar high with this album. I am sure many will be forced to either tuck their projects or come with that fire. Either way, the music lovers will win as I am betting on tons of great music to come from this “SPRNTRL” phenomenon. I give “SPRNTRL” 4 out of 5.

Support Nature Boi download and share SPRNTRL” then watch "Uhh." If you haven't already, make sure to follow him on Instagram @NatureBoiMusic & Twitter @NatureBoiMusic

Written by Ki for Misfit Tunes (c) 2016

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