Ki's 2 ¢ents on "Life After Doubt" by Kingpen Slim

Listeners treading water in a sea of drug laced turn up trap beats, with little to no lyrical content, have just been thrown a lifesaver. Kingpen Slim, a veteran rapper from the District of Columbia’s Indie music scene, once again delivers a solid offering from his long line of solid albums. “Life After Doubt” is not like anything currently trending in the music game. He took it back to the days when great storytelling reigned. Not fiction, but true life stories; something that is absent and greatly missed in Hip Hop. He comfortably occupies a spot amongst great storytellers like Jay-Z, Nas, Biggie, and Scarface. Rappers that shared their truths not to brag, but to educate and allow listeners an insight into the man behind the music.

“Life After Doubt,” released November 11, 2016 on SoundCloud strictly for streaming, is a fourteen-track project that depicts a young man coming of age hustling on the mean streets of Washington, DC. Villz, Roc Mikey, and Jus Paul play the roles of Kingpen Slim’s accomplices on the musical assault.The album features production from J Buttah, Lil Lody, Mark Henry, Osinachi, and The Directors. Each producer provides Kingpen Slim the perfect stage to exhibit his masterful wordplay, giving the album an epic feel which ensures it will become a classic album that will catapult him out of the local scene and onto the national stage.

Kingpen Slim, never one to follow trends or run with cliques, sets himself further apart with countless metaphors and double entendres. The rapper manages to do what many of his local contemporaries fail to do, and that's deliver lyrical content that will stand the test of time. He is not rapping about the usual trappings of trapping; fast cars, fast money, and fast women. Instead, he is reminiscing about a “Road Trip” he took while “Dreaming of Kilos” relishing in his role as the “Bad Guy.” “In Real Life” a “Golden Future” is what he seeks, yet fighting with “D’mons” leaves him believing “Life Don’t Matter.”

The album opens with a sweet conversation between the rapper and his Grandmother which allows listeners to see the softer side of the rapper. Aside from these chats with Granny, Kingpen Slim is in American Gangster full takeover mode. T rock inspired “Still Family,” produced by Mark Henry, marries rap and rock in a grawl delivered over a drum-heavy beat, intertwined with guitar licks. On this track he explores his family tree attempting to explain how, why, and who is he is now.

“Golden Future” has Kingpen Slim answering the question of what his life is like through a barrage of metaphors and pop culture references that you might miss on your initial listen. Jus Paul adds a sultry, smooth, melodic chorus. The partnership between the rapper and the singer guarantees the track will be the winter hustler’s anthem.

Kingpen Slim makes it difficult to pick a favorite track, as each of the fourteen tracks on this project tell special tales most listeners will be able to appreciate, if not identify with. From start to finish “Life After Doubt” is a genuine piece of art that welcomes listeners to get intimately acquainted with the rapper, as well as get a glimpse into where he’s heading...straight to the top of the rap game! Kingpen Slim put together a classic album which I am giving 4.5 out of 5 flames. Production keeps the head nodding while lyrical content forces you to pay attention so you don't miss one of many dropped gems. Kingpen Slim has a real winner on his hands, a major key sure to unlock the door and freeing him from his local success. This is the ticket to usher him onto the national scene. As a native Washingtonian, I am proud to have him reppin for the city and I am excited to share him with the world.

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