Ki's 2¢ents on :: The Wave EP by Rene Brown

The Wave is a gritty verbal depiction of the trials and tribulations of Jackson, Mississippi native Rene Brown. Now in LA, Rene

Brown pulls back the curtains on her journey out of the hood by way of the cold, murky, shark filled wave.

The Wave is an eight track EP released on September 22, 2015. It contains production from Ducko Mcfli, Red Mcfly, and Tommy Ross. Rene Brown masterfully uses each of the eight tracks to reveal small glimpses into her relationship with her parents, things she had to do to survive, her love affair with music, how the hate from other rappers fuels her, and much more. The Wave starts with a sweet voicemail from her mother before Rene finds herself praying for patience and focus on "Save Me."

“Save Me” finds the rapper praying for patience, focus, and “God can you save me i know i am a sinner nigga this is how you made... God can you save me i know i am a sinner nigga this is what you made.” Save Me is a battle cry of those who had to fight for their dreams. The beat is bananas and the production is Grade A. "Save Me" is the prefect spark to ignite this project.

“Dreams” is a dark look at how her drug dealing father lived good while her mom struggled to make a way for her family. “What am I supposed to do when dreams are the only thing that gets me through.” Rene paints a vivid picture of hatred, hurt, and hope in the form of dreams.

“Stalled” is an angry narrative about her mother’s broke down, crap car and her father's lack of willingness to help...even with his nice car. “Mama we never seem to catch a break but we straight. called my daddy i guess he running late. he never came.” As soon as the key is turned in the ignition this track goes off!

Rene Brown has long been on my radar. She’s a cold rapper whose flow is undeniable. She can take any beat and devour it, instantly transforming it into her very own. I am giving The Wave three flames. It is a solid project with good production work. It is a true look into the life of the artist without all the smoke and mirrors. The Wave is a transparent look into why Rene Brown raps with such emotion and refusing to lose. The project is definitely BUZZWORTHY... But don't take my word for it. DOWNLOAD or check it out for yourself here! Then follow her on instagram @ReneBrownMusic & Twitter @ReneBrownMusic

Written by Ki Misfit for Misfit Tunes (c) 2015

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